Scolio-Pilates On Demand Back & BETTER!

Scolio-Pilates On Demand is “Back and Better!”

We started during Covid as a way to keep ourselves healthy during a global pandemic. Then we gathered all the class recordings into one easy-to-access place. It’s been awesome!

Our journey was bumpy with technical difficulties, but we found a new platform and are coming back stronger and BETTER.

Scolio-Pilates On Demand: How does it work?

Scolio-Pilates On Demand is a scoliosis-specific exercise program for length, strength, and vitality. A new class drops weekly, and we love teaching live! Karena, founder of SP, will see you on many Thursdays at 3pm ET. Sometimes, life happens, and we can’t have a live class; you will receive a pre-recorded class in your library. The link to LIVE can be found in your Scolio-Pilates Community Forum.


With our new platform, you will now have streamlined access to your classes with 9 different categories:

  • Scolio-Pilates “first steps” for our new members
  • Strong spine
  • Strong hips, legs, & feet
  • 5 minutes Pick-me UPs
  • Strong Core
  • Strong arms and shoulders
  • Scolio-Props
  • Elongation and stretching
  • Scolio-Wedge focus

New! The Scolio-Pilates Community Forum

We have also added the Scolio-Pilates Community Forum. Come in and ask questions about scoliosis or the exercises. Tell us what makes your back feel better on “those” days. What helps? We all want to know! There are so many scolis ready to meet someone just like you.

Join us monthly or for super relaunch savings; the annual is the best way to go. Until September 1st, sign up for our yearly membership for only $195. A $45 discount!

Come on in, join us!

Looking for help with your own scoliosis curve?


Scolio-Pilates On Demand Back & BETTER!