Scolio-Pilates Fun Page!

You’ve been doing the hard work, now let’s play. Let’s have fun! Let’s discovery scoliosis from a different light.

Try the crossword puzzle! The True/False quiz? Or a new coloring book page!

Scolio-Pilates Cross Word Puzzle

Brain Buster Scolio-Crossword! Scolio-Pilates Criss-Cross

Don’t Peek Now! But here’s your answer key: Scolio-Pilates Criss-Cross answer key

Scolio-Pilates True False Quiz

Test Your Knowledge Here! True or False Quiz

Don’t Peek Now! But here’s your answer key: True or False Quiz answer key

Color Me!

I am grateful for my spine!  Color Spine Gratitude

Color Me!

Have you taken your spine to the beach? Now you can! Color Spine at the Beach.

KarenaScolio-Pilates Fun Page!