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Welcome to your Scolio-Pilates Camp! Let’s work on strengthening and lengthening together towards your best spine ever!

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Take Control Of Your Scoliosis Now: March 11-13, 2022

Welcome to your Scolio-Pilates Camp. The most rewarding and empowering way to start your spine care journey. Begin now to understand and care for your scoliosis so you can find your path to living your true life without pain and your true purpose.

Scolio-Camp Options

  • Good. Woohoo! You are coming to camp! Here’s what comes in your camp package:
      • Your Scolio-Pilates 3-day camp at Fuse Pilates in Washington DC with state-of-the-art Pilates equipment along with the original and internationally acclaimed, Fuse Ladder. You’ll be exercising and moving with the best equipment to support your goals!
          • A $595 Value Package that includes:
              • Your K-Fit Wedge. We’ll choose the right size K-Fit Wedge for you based on your height and goals.
              • Your Scolio-Wedge Package. We will customize your Scolio-Wedge needs that you will use during exercise. We will send these wedges home with you after camp!
              • Shipping of your wedges is free no matter where you live on our beautiful blue planet.
              • Scolio-School. You will receive access to our online, self-paced 3-hour Scolio-School where you will receive a more in-depth education about scoliosis and all that we can do with scoliosis.
      • Bonus! Receive a 30-minute virtual consultation with your instructor before coming to camp.
      • Bonus 2! Receive a 3-hour online self-paced K-Fit Wedge course. Learn more exercises and keep yourself strong at home!
  • BEST! You are doing it! You are committed. Your spine is going to thank you and wait until you see what you can with your reduced pain levels and newfound strength. You will receive everything listed above in the “Good” program above plus:
      • A $2,000 value:
          • (10) Ten Scolio-Pilates Private sessions that you will schedule with Scolio-Pilates Founder, Karena Thek, to continue your one-on-work from home with guidance from the creator of Scolio-Pilates.

Scoliosis Camp Highlights

Please visit our Scolio-Pilates Camp Page for more information

Testimonials from Camp

“It’s truly amazing. You have given her such a strong sense of self, self-confidence, and the feeling of empowerment and control of her body.  It’s hard but she’s having fun and doable and you have set her up for success. Feeling good in your own body as a teen is so hard, especially when you have scoliosis, but she feels good in her own skin. You are magic. Thank you!”–Jenn M, Mother of teen with scoliosis.

“My 11-year-old daughter and I visited Karena from the Midwest. We went for a four-day intensive and left with so much knowledge about my daughter’s curve. Not only did we learn great things…Karena put together a very manageable program to continue at home. She left California with great posture, confidence, and determination!”–Rebecca D, Mother of child with scoliosis

Your work is so innovative and original. You are truly a unique combination of scientist and artist in one person. Your way of teaching and leading the group was so inspiring. Fully present in each moment with both kindness and humor. I am so grateful to you for making me almost pain-free in one session. And It still works!!!  What is complicated to understand my body got immediately. Take the best care of yourself! Still walking on clouds here!”– Kristina, adult with scoliosis

Additional information

Date and Location

March 11-13, 2022 in Washington DC

Scolio-Success Options

Good. Scolio-Camp, K-Fit Wedge & Scolio-Wedges, plus online self-paced Scolio-School, Better: Above plus self-paced 3-hour K-Fit Wedge Course, Best! Above plus 10 private lessons


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