Scolio-Pilates Restorative Wedges [Original Style]


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K2 with prone elongation with Scolio Wedge

Thank You For Your Problem Solving Designs

Thanks so much for your problem solving designs and your innovative teaching!  The books, videos, workshops, and equipment have really helped so many clients in my practice already.

Gerolyn W Virginia November 27, 2015

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Scolio-Wedges for use with Scolio-Pilates are your little helpers when it comes to re-aligning a multi-faceted scoliotic spine.

  • First, you elongate,
  • Second, you bring the spine into a long ‘straight’ line (as much as possible),
  • Finally, you still have rotations to correct.  That’s where the Scolio-Wedges and Scolio-Angles come in handy. The Scolio-Angles can be found Here>Correcting the rotations of the scoliotic spine can quickly become overwhelming as you attempt to correct three levels (neck, mid-back and low back) of rotations and counter-rotations.  Using the wedges to prop up the spine rotations not only aids correct alignment but frees up your muscles by propping them into a position that actually allows them to fire.

Scolio-Wedges for 3, 4 and C-Curve Scoliosis.

With a scoliotic spine, the muscles that are too short and tight cannot fire because they are already contracted as much as they can possibly be (imagine a clenched fist).

The converse is also true,  the muscles that are extended and too long are unable to fire adequately because they are too stretched (imagine trying to contract a muscle from a stretched position).

The Scolio-Wedges and ‘Angles put the muscles where they need to be so that you can strengthen the muscles that will aid in correcting the curves of the spine. A complete description of how to use the ScolioWedges and‘Angles can be found in ScolioPilates (the book) as well as in the free YouTube Videos.

Special Note: Use the C-Curve Scolio-Wedge for your C-Shaped Scoliosis. Use the regular scolio-wedges for a 3 or 4-curve scoliosis (you may know this as an S-shaped scoliosis)

Recommended for Adults:

1 Pair of Scolio-Wedges (one large and one small) plus 2 Scolio-Rectangles and 2 Scolio-Triangles. Scolio-Angles Product Page>

Recommended for Children:

1 Pair of Scolio-Wedges (two small) plus 2 Scolio-Rectangles and 2 Scolio-Triangles. Scolio-Angles Product Page>



Kerrie Ann Frey, Owner, Modern Pilates Studio and Modern Pilates Training:

Karena Thek’s wedges are inspired!  My clients are able to find the best foundation from which to work during their Pilates sessions.  The differently shaped blue foam pads fit precisely under any person, regardless of size or height.  One of my clients considers the blue triangular shaped foam ‘her friend’ as it has allowed her hips to feel level for the first time in years. Karena’s focus and dedication to creating the best products for this population is wonderful.  It’s with caring, detailed attention that she has found a way to help others take their Pilates sessions to a whole new, pain-free level!

Angella Hamilton, Pilates Instructor/Personal Trainer, producer of the DVD,  A Moving Meditation for Life After Cancer:

“After working with Karena’s Scolio- Pilates book and wedges, that my young client shared with me, it was the first time she could lie down in a comfortable position since her [scoliosis] diagnosis over 5 years ago.  Karena’s work has been a real game changer for not only my Scoliosis clients, but for myself as a teaching professional.  Karena understands Scoliosis and presents the information easily for everyone to use in Scolio-Pilates.”

“With the wedges in place it was the first time my spine has been comfortable in a very long time.” D Hoffseller, West Palm Beach, FL

“Those moves you did on me were totally cool! Thank you and I cannot tell you how validating your message was for me.  What you are doing is a wonderful thing.“–C. Huff, Williamsburg, VA

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Adult Scolio-Wedge Pair; includes one large and one small Scolio-Wedge, Child Scolio-Wedge Pair; includes 2 small Scolio-Wedges, 1 Small Scolio-Wedge, 1 Large Scolio-Wedge, C-Curve Scolio-Wedge


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