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This Scolio-Pilates Enhancement Seminar is a closer look at how breathing is affected by the scoliotic spine. Join Karena Thek, Founder of Scolio-Pilates, as she guides you through a look inside scoliosis to consider the anatomy and physiology of scoliosis breathing and the exercises that can help.


Course: Scoliosis and Breathing
Instructor: Karena Thek, founder of Scolio-Pilates
Date: October 4th
Time: 2pm -4:30pm ET (New York, USA)
For: This course design is for professionals, but all are welcome

Scoliosis may affect breathing. Some are acutely aware of how their breathing is affected day-to-day, some are simply aware of difficulty during aerobic activities like swimming, running, or just being outside playing. Some feel no affect on their breathing at all. The following factors may affect whether you feel an impact on ease of breathing.

  • Degree of curve
  • Location of curve
  • Concomitant factors like asthma or other conditions affecting the lungs or the ability to inhale or exhale completely
  • It can diminish a full breath, affecting all activities from walking, going up and down stairs, and certainly any sporting activities. However, fortunately, breathing also affects scoliosis. We can improve vital capacity. (the measurable)

Do any of these stories sound familiar? These are quotes from our clients when describing their own breathing:

“I couldn’t play the whole game. Because sometimes I just can’t breathe.” 14-year-old soccer player, California

“Sometimes I wheeze when I first start to swim and then my body seems to calibrate.” 45-year-old swimmer, Virginia

“My doctor said without surgery, my breathing would just keep getting worse. I’m not ready to sit in a chair for the rest of my life.” 72-year-old grandmother of three, South Carolina

“I’m just waiting for my last breath.” 35-year-old mother of one, Vietnam

This short course has been created for the professional practitioner working with scoliosis patients and clients. However, all are welcome to join. In this course, you will learn the following:

  • The dynamics of the scoliosis respiratory system. Why is it different? What does it affect?
  • The physiological challenges that a person with scoliosis faces that prevent normal breathing
  • The difference between breathing into the scoliosis pattern or breathing to create change
  • Exercises for changing the breathing pattern
  • Exercising with a healthy breathing pattern within everyday activities and athletics

**Special Note: This course enhances the Scolio-Pilates Modules you are taking. You may also take this course before enrolling in the Scolio-Pilates Professional Modules. If you are interested in the professional path, welcome! You can learn more here.



Scolio-Pilates Enhancement Module: Scoliosis and Dancers

Click to read about a professional dancer’s experience with Scolio-Pilates.

“If only I had found Suzanne and Scolio-Pilates sooner! I danced with a chronic ankle injury for 2+ years, and no amount of physical therapy could fix the nagging pain. It was only after working with Suzanne that my ankle pain resolved permanently. My eyes have been opened to the advantage of understanding the idiosyncrasies of the body as an athlete. Now, I can’t go more than 2 weeks without checking in with Suzanne and working on my alignment!” – SSt

Scoliosis and Dancers is an introductory course to bring awareness of scoliosis in the dance community. Scoliosis is a complex three-dimensional deformity of the spine.  Studies have indicated that up to 30% of dancers tested have scoliosis, yet the issues associated with scoliosis are rarely addressed in the dance world. The demands of dance require an extreme range of movement, placing more stress on a body that is already challenged structurally.  Understanding the inherent structural and muscular imbalances of scoliosis is imperative for medical professionals, teachers, and dancers with scoliosis to make effective choices and create strategies for the life-long management of scoliosis. Scoliosis and Dancers provides scoliosis-specific exercises with dance-specific cues to build a foundation of core control with neuromuscular integration necessary to combat the compensatory patterns caused by scoliosis.

**Special Note: This course enhances the Scolio-Pilates Modules you are taking. You may also take this course before enrolling in the Scolio-Pilates Modules. If you are interested in the professional path, welcome! You can learn more here.

Are you interested in becoming an Authorized Scolio-Pilates Practitioner? Go here for more information about the professional Scolio-Pilates path.

“After my reconstructive hip surgery, Scolio-Pilates was instrumental in getting me back on stage in even better shape than I was before. As a professional ballet dancer, hip surgery recovery can prove to be very discouraging. However, Suzanne made it fun and rewarding. Waking up those seemingly nonexistent ‘baby’ muscles has helped me work correctly going forward and will help prevent future injuries. Every day in ballet class, Suzanne’s sweet voice reminds me of ‘champagne bubbles’ and ‘snugging my curves’! If you want to know more about what that means, then take this class!!” – AM

“Working with Suzanne Koucheravy, I have noticed remarkable changes in my scoliosis. As a ballet dancer, I feel the Scolio-Pilates has greatly improved my strength in ballet. Working new muscle groups has positively affected my technique and, as a result, has given me new confidence in my back. I am now more aware of how to correct my posture, both in ballet class and when completing day-to-day activities, which I feel has helped prevent the pain I would usually experience and has also reduced the number of injuries in dance I would receive due to my curves. The most noticeable improvement with the Scolio-Pilates work is the aesthetic appearance of my back. Because I am now aware of how to align my imbalances correctly, I can see in photographs huge changes in my body which I once thought was impossible.” –  BH, 

“As a dancer with The Washington Ballet, my scoliosis is the one attribute that causes most of my difficulties and injuries.  Under Suzanne’s extremely well-trained eyes, I have gained strength and a sense of balance that I have never known before due to the natural imbalances in my body structure.  I leave each session (feeling long and strong) with a new sense of how to balance my spine, as well as with the unique sense of working with someone who puts such a high level of care and passion into my treatment and instruction.” – SSo

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Scoliosis and Breathing, Scoliosis and Dancers


October 4th online

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Karena Thek, Suzanne Koucheravy, Julie Selwood, Helen New


2 pm – 4:30 pm ET (New York, USA)


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