Pilates Professional’s Toolkit


The Pilates Professional’s Toolkit is here to help.

The Toolkit contains The Pelvic Precision Wedge, The Core Cube, Scolio-Wedges and K2 Therapeutic Back Wedge. All items come in black vinyl.


You are Super(wo)man. But now you no longer have to do it all.

You work with your clients through disability, chronic pain, or general de-conditioning.  Now the Pilates Professional’s Toolkit is here to help; to be your sidekick. Like Superman has Lois and Batman has Robin, now you have your toolkit and you’ve got the implements to help you keep helping others. Keep your power for problem-solving, for seeing more clients and for growing your business.

It’s the Pilates Professional’s Toolkit because you are a professional and professionals use tools to excel.

The Pilates Professional's Toolkit; because professionals use professional tools to excel

The Pilates Professional’s Toolkit; because professionals use professional tools to excel. All items in the toolkit come in black vinyl.

What’s in The Pilates Professional’s Toolkit?

  • The Pelvic Precision Wedge:Place under the hips in supine to correct hyper-lordosis or to assist tight hip flexors, pelvic floor and incontinence issues. Reviews.
  • The Core Cube: Originally created as a softer and more stable surface for breast cancer patients, the Core Cube is like a softer but more challenging foam roller. Great for use in body work, for the fused scolio-spine and hyper-sensitive spines. Reviews.
  • Scolio-Wedges: Our original creation, is still hard at work correcting pelvic and spine rotations for scoliosis and more. Reviews.
  • K2 Therapeutic Back Wedge: Our newest creation is getting rave reviews and clients are taking them home! Elongate any spine towards neutral and then strengthen, strengthen, strengthen. Reviews.

All items in the toolkit come in black vinyl.

Testimonials for the Pilates Professional’s Toolkit

The K2 is getting RAVE reviews from my clients for its comfortable decompression. Please send more ASAP! – Gwen M, California

I referred my clients to buy their own Scolio-Wedges. They have helped so many people already. – Dawn C, Arizona

I can’t believe what a little [pelvic precision] wedge has done to help my clients with lumbar/sacral issues… much better than folding towels.  – Jeanine Y, Nevada

After teaching pilates for nearly 30 years it is another tool to add freshness and softness that is necessary. It makes you connect with your inner core better. – Veronique, UK


Additional information

Weight12.5 lbs
Dimensions40 × 20 × 10 in
Professional Toolkit

Black Vinyl, Black Vinyl

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