Pilates for Healthy Bodies: The DVD




Voted ‘Most-User Friendly‘ DVD of 2009
–Pilates Style Magazine

‘Pilates isn’t about obtaining the Hollywood body; it’s about feeling the
best you can every single day.’

–Mary Petersen, breast cancer survivor


  • Is Easy To Do
  • Improves ease of movement
  • Increases your stamina and strength
  • Has an awesome side-effect of looking leaner and toned

This multi-faceted DVD contains:

  1. The public television special: 28 minutes
  2. Pilates for Healthy Bodies: the Workout:  26 minutes
  3. Five-Minute Spine Rejuvenation: 5 minutes
  4. Bonus Nutrition Segment: Reducing excess inflammation with better nutrition: 2 minutes

Our Pilates DVD is created specifically for those with weak backs, hips, knees or shoulders and anyone with osteoporosis, also perfect for the cancer patient and suvivor.

The exercise program is an easy-to-do core strengthening program. The exercises are small movements that make a big difference.  The exercises strengthen the core of the spine from the front, back and sides.  The shoulder core muscles, the hip and pelvic core muscles are addressed as well as exercises to increase balance, fluidity and coordination.  Please join me, Karena Thek Lineback, as we move through a program to better health!

Please allow up to three weeks for delivery. While in most cases your DVD will arrive much sooner, we are keeping your costs low by using media mail which can take a little longer. Thank you!

Additional information

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