Exercise Videos for Scoliosis


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Feel better anytime with Scolio-Pilates’ Exercise Videos for Scoliosis now available online.

Join Scolio-Pilates founder, Karena Thek, as she takes you through exercise programs specifically designed for your scoliosis curve type.

Step-by-step, Karena walks you through a detailed Scolio-Pilates program for lengthening and strengthening your spine. Lengthen your spine towards neutral with specifically designed exercises; next, strengthen your spine in order to maintain the length.

Each video has a special focus that you will see as you look at the episodes above in the drop-down list. The focus will change from abdominal strength to hip strength, spine strength to upper body strength. There will also be videos that focus on walking and standing, or sitting and working at the computer, so that all aspects of your life will become easier with Scolio-Pilates. This is exciting! Let’s get started!


Exercise Videos for Scoliosis Online

Today, as we release these videos for the first time, we begin with two episodes.

  • Episode I: Abdominal strength
  • Episode II: Hip strength

Additional episodes will be listed here as we add them to your series of exercise for scoliosis videos.

The best part of about your videos:

The best part of all? you can work with Karena and exercise from the comfort of your own home. You’ll just need a comfortable place to sit and also a place big enough to lie down.


Don’t know your curve type yet? Follow these links:


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Episode I: Ab Strength, Episode II: Hip Strength, Buy All