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We love the K2. Ok… actually… we looooooooove the K2.

We created it for supported elongation of scoliosis in prone, but you know what? It works great for all spines! Because after all, who doesn’t need a little extra ease and length in their spine with all the compressive sitting we do? So while our scoliosis clients are taking K2 home and using it, it’s their family members that are sneaking in and walking away with it.

Why is it so popular? Because it feels sooooooo good!

Why does it feel so good? Well, if we had to break it down, this is what’s at the root of those feel-good spines:

  1. There’s a Pelvic Plateau. That’s where your hips go and that’s where your hips get leveled. Those leveled hips equal a strong, neutral base that allow your spine to release. Nice huh?
  2. The Spinal Slope. Gravity encourages your spine to elongate down a nice long even slope. No surprises, no jolting, just nice and easy and supported.
  3. Leg Drop Ledge. The pelvis is stable, the spine is elongating and now the legs are being allowed to drop away from the hips to take the pressure of their weight off of the hips and spine. Ahhhhh…. Happy Spine.

That’s the down and dirty about the K2. We recommend that you get even more details about how to make the most out of using your K2. Register for this video and the videos will come to you in a separate email. Please allow 24 hours for delivery of your class links.

Enjoy! And if you have any questions, email me!


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