Pilates and Scoliosis in Phuket, Thailand

Scoliosis Education.

It’s Complex

It’s Challenging

It’s an Invigorating Journey.

Join us for an Education-Vacation in Phuket!

Study with the founder of and author of Scolio-Pilates, Karena Thek. Learn the same Scolio-Pilates techniques being used by Children’s Hospitals, clinics and studios world-wide. Be the first in your community to offer a real solution for Scoliosis.  We are here to help!

  • 19 April, 2019: Anatomy of Scoliosis (8 hours)
  • 20-21 April, 2019: Scolio-Pilates Professional Seminar (14 hours)
  • 25-28 April, 2019: Scolio-Pilates Mentorship (24 hours)

All courses receive PMA continuing education credit

After the education, it’s your choice: Longboating? Your favorite drink by the sea? It’s all here! Click for activities in Phuket

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Serenity Phuket

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Friendship Beach

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Ka Villas

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Pilates and Scoliosis in Phuket, Thailand