Mary Watson – Camden, South Carolina

Location: Camden, South Carolina

Mary Watson has been teaching exercise for 32 years. Her love of fitness began when she participated in her first aerobic class. In 1985 she began teaching and was certified by the American College of Exercise (ACE). A snow skiing accident in 1995 left her with 2 torn knee ligaments. She found Pilates to be the perfect rehabilitation. This lead to her first STOTT PILATES Matwork and Reformer certification in 2001.  Mary started the first Pilates classes in Kershaw County and realized the need for an expanded Pilates program. In 2006, she received her STOTT PILATES Full Certification for her training on all of the Pilates Apparatus for Essential, Intermediate and Advanced participants.

In 2011, Mary completed a 200 hour certification course “Body Language” in Boston, Massachussetts, taught by Tom Myers of Kinesis INC. This training qualifies Mary as a “Movement and Postural Analyst”. “Many clients suffer from soft tissue ailments. These ailments are often the result of postural misalignments. This training allows me to help teach my clients a protocol to help manage the issues,”

Mary began her training with Karena Thek and Scolio-Pilates  in 2016. Working with many clients with Scoliosis, she saw the need for a more specialized Pilates repertiore for their issues.

Mary is also a certified Pink Ribbon Program Breast Cancer Specialist Instructor, Total Barre Instructor and a Certified Reiki Master. She serves the

Authorized Scolio-Pilates® Practitioner since September 2017

KarenaMary Watson – Camden, South Carolina