Martina Villinger- Wake Forest, North Carolina

Location: Wake Forest, North Carolina

Welcome, I am Martina Villinger, owner of Rebel Moves Pilates. A common issue for people which I can relate to is back pain. I was left very long with an undiagnosed Scoliosis. I struggled to find something that would relieve my pain and bring me to the quality of life that I dreamed of. Thankfully, I was introduced to Pilates, which became a consistent source of relief and gave me the flexibility and endurance I needed to take care of my family and lead a productive life. I have decades of experience with Pilates and it has helped me overcome many of my physical health problems and pulled me through mentally challenging times in my life. A natural talent of mine is facilitating learning and coaching people towards reaching their goals, which brought me to becoming a Pilates instructor.

The birth of Rebel Moves Pilates as a studio

Over time, I wanted to share my success in Pilates with others. What better way than to create a safe and welcoming space to work together and help everyone find success in healthy movement. I felt that it is relevant that people don’t resign themselves to their conditions and health struggles, but know that they can fight back and regain their quality of life. Hence the name, Rebel Moves. And I wanted everyone to know that Rebel Moves Pilates will support them in their claim to easy and youthful movement.

Establishing the studio provided my clients with a close-knit environment where I can work hands-on for individualized strategies. Through the development of my programs, I eventually designed a variety of interest based and health focused Pilates approaches. Starting with Classic Pilates, which we practice as close to the original as possible and adjust according to modern medical developments, we also offer Golf Pilates which concentrates on the flexibility, endurance, and alignment necessary for your success in the game. Scolio Pilates® is a method developed by Karena Thek, and as an Authorized Scolio Pilates® Practitioner, I help those with Scoliosis manage and maintain their health. Pelvic Floor Pilates relates to issues connected to the pelvic floor such as bladder control, pre and post-natal health, and sexual function. Lower Back Pain Pilates is an approach that targets problems associated with low back pain and incorporates movement and stretching to relieve and release. As a Franklin Method ™ Lower Back Fascia Trainer, I combine Pilates with fascia-related aspects of low back pain for a unique holistic path. Pilates for Rehabilitation provides you with a place to pick up where physical therapy has left off to help you recover from surgery or injury or to maintain your health with a chronic condition. Rebel Moves Pilates helps you get back to doing what you love. We are here to help!

Authorized Scolio-Pilates® Practitioner since September 2021

Martina Villinger- Wake Forest, North Carolina