Lindsey Terry – Boulder, Colorado

Location: Boulder, Colorado

Growing up as a dancer, Lindsey’s St. Louis based studio became a second home. Diagnosed with scoliosis in middle school, she was told it wasn’t severe enough to treat so kept moving her body in the ways she always had. By the time she left undergrad with a degree in journalism, she entered her early twenties already experiencing back pain.

Not long after, she developed a love for vinyasa yoga, and obtained her teaching certification. At the time, she had never heard of hypermobility or understood how it could affect an already vulnerable spine. By age 26, she began experiencing a host of scoliosis related injuries, making her a candidate for a spinal fusion. Through physical therapy, she discovered the stabilizing benefits of Pilates and pursued her teaching certification. She credits this practice with helping her to successfully navigate two pregnancies and continue to avoid surgery.

Lindsey understands firsthand how imbalances caused by scoliosis can lead to compensation and further injury. Utilizing her own experience and the Scolio-Pilates method, Lindsey’s goal is to connect with clients who live with scoliosis and related conditions of the spine, helping to correct imbalances, avoid injury, and experience ease in their bodies.

Authorized Scolio-Pilates Practitioner since 2022

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