Jenice Acosta – San Francisco, CA

Location: San Francisco, California

Jenice is a ScolioPilates practioner and also specializes in pelvic floor dysfunctions by studying with Diane Lee DPT in Canada. Completing a Womens Heath Course in July of 2015, in New Perspectives from The Integrated Systems Model for Treating Women with PGP, SUI, POP and/or DRA treating pre and postnatal women and men in pelvic floor issues. Jenice will be returning to Canada to continue her studies in pelvic floor dysfunctions in June of 2017. She recently completed another course in February 2017, specific to Diastasis and the true role of the transverse abdominis in healing the linea alba with A Clinical Guide for Those who are Split Down the Middle. Teaching to populations with injury, in helping people thrive with new movement skills and awareness of their own body, Jenice also teaches athletes and to the healthy population. She hopes to reinvigorate and help bring people to their fullest potential with a learning body through awareness of oneself in how to create lasting change.

Jenice Acosta is a former professional dancer with a BFA in Dance with an emphasis in Kinesiology from ASU. She brings a varied movement training background from personal training to dance and Pilates, all within a scope of rehabilitation emphasis as well as challenging healthy bodies. She recently completed pre-med coursework in preparation for a degree in Physical Therapy, but was unable to pursue grad school due to hemifacial spasm that transformed her life. Jenice has also had some major injuries in her lifetime, including a torn disk in the lumbar spine and understands the process from the acute phase of injury to full recovery personally. She now combines her training and many healing experiences to teach sound movement skills with Pilates. Working as a Physical therapy aide for 2+ years in preparation for grad school, she walked patients through injury and surgery to recovery, under the guidance and supervision of Gina Giammanco and Harvey Deustch. Therefore, Jenice understands fully the delicate balance that needs to happen to begin the road to recovery with education and precision of placement of joints, pelvis, and spine along with the compassion needed to get people back on their feet with confidence and knowledge. She began her journey in Pilates training at Turning Point Studios in 2002 with Nora St. John and Naomi Leiserson, with an emphasis in rehabilitation of sports injuries. She has continued her study at Re:Ab NY with Brooke Siler, Carolina Czechowska, Cary Regan, Emma Rivera, and Lynn Balliette. Continuing her thirst for knowledge, she just completed another 950 hours of internship through The Pilates Center of Boulder.

Authorized Scolio-Pilates® Practitioner since September 2016

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