Dian Yanitra — Surabaya, Indonesia

Location: Surabaya, Indonesia

I started learning Pilates when I was in college, pursuing my Bachelor of Design degree and I fell in love with it right away. I found out that I was very passionate about Pilates and decided to dig even deeper by learning Pilates in 2015. I got a full certification from STOTT PILATES® with a test score of 96%.

Along the way, I also took many courses related to health and fitness, I always wanted to expand my knowledge in the field – with the goal of helping others professionally and more importantly, passionately.

I started my home studio in 2017, training my clients privately for a more focused approach. I train my clients by using Pilates, Redcord, JKA and Be-Activated techniques.

I have also developed a big interest in scoliosis when I first joined a Pilates Workshop specialized for scoliosis. Since early 2018, I begin focusing more to rehab. Seeing my clients’ joy and relief from their pain is the cherry on top of my teaching journal.

KarenaDian Yanitra — Surabaya, Indonesia