Brittany Rose — Milford, Michigan

Location: Milford, Michigan

Brittany began teaching Pilates in 2016, a year and a half after being diagnosed with a brain tumor at the age of 21. Originally her focus was more athletic-based Pilates, but after two craniotomies that brought pain to her neck all the way to her feet, found that the rehab-style of Pilates was even more beneficial.

Her specific interest in Scoliosis came after meeting multiple clients with severe curves and/or rods in their spines. After realizing traditional Pilates could only take them so far, she wanted to find a way to give them the best chance for healthy movement their body could be capable of.  The more time she took to understand the condition, the more she realized how common some level of scoliosis is, yet how underserved the population is.  One of Brittany’s lifelong career goals is to be a spot of hope when all other methods seemed to have failed a person’s body.

Beyond her Scoliosis training, Brittany has a comprehensive Club Pilates Certification, with supporting certifications from Peak Pilates and Balanced Body. She is also certified through “Pfilates” Pelvic Floor, Barre Above, and TRX.  She has worked in large Pilates studios, boutique studios, home studios, a rehab-based studio, and a large gym setting.  Currently, you can find her in downtown Milford, Michigan at Milford Pilates Club.

Authorized Scolio-Pilates® Practitioner since September 2020

KarenaBrittany Rose — Milford, Michigan