Bethany Headland – London

Location: London

Originally from Australia, Bethany has always had a passion for fitness and well-being. Trained as a classical ballet dancer she has lived and worked professionally in the US, Asia, Europe, and the UK. It was during her time with The Washington Ballet that Bethany discovered the importance of adding Pilates to her daily routine; it made a huge difference to her technique and reduced the onset and number of injuries she got in this physically demanding profession.

After stepping away from ballet in 2018, Bethany started training with Polestar Pilates UK with whom she qualified as a comprehensive studio instructor.

Bethany’s Scolio-Pilates journey began when she was a professional dancer with The Washington Ballet in Washington DC, USA, where she was introduced to Scolio-Pilates master instructor Suzanne Koucheravy in 2013. After stepping away from a career as a professional ballerina she retrained as a Pilates instructor and has now come full circle as an Authorized ScolioPilates Practitioner. She wants to empower people with scoliosis to find functional and comfortable exercise to reduce their pain and get back to doing the things they love!

Authorized Scolio-Pilates® Practitioner since September 2022

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