How to help my client with scoliosis?

At Scolio-Pilates®, we strive to bring scoliosis-specific exercise to all, and we need your help!

Scoliosis-specific exercise is as challenging as it is rewarding. Each time you evaluate a new scoliosis spine, it will be a new and unique experience — particular to the unique person in front of you. Each spine will challenge your skills of assessment and exercise decisions. Not only will you reward yourself for the time you put into your education, but those living with scoliosis are extremely grateful for your dedication to their needs.

The best part about understanding scoliosis?

You’ll understand all spines better. The asymmetries that are very evident in scoliosis can be found in many, many spines making your knowledge of asymmetrical assessment and exercise application useful to all of your clients. Once you can evaluate and work well with scoliosis, all spines become your specialty because what happens in a scoliosis spine happens in all spines — just on a smaller scale.

Becoming An Authorized Scolio-Pilates Practitioner

There is a specific course flow that must be followed as you work your way toward becoming a practitioner. The three courses are as follows:

Module 1: Anatomy of Scoliosis and Introduction to Scolio-Pilates Exercises

Module 2: Scolio-Pilates Professional Seminar: Assessment and 3-dimensional Exercise for Scoliosis

Module 3: Scolio-Pilates Mentorship. The Mentorship begins with an in-depth review of the elements of assessment and how to properly correct a scoliosis spine towards neutral in the 3-dimensional scoliosis exercise environment. We move forward with breathing techniques, an understanding of the fascia, and how we can successfully address the fascia of scoliosis for the best opportunity for change. The course is rounded out with practice assessments and programming with live models with scoliosis.

You can find the course layout here ScolioPilates_Course_Flow:

Broaden your practice to include the infinitely interesting population of scoliosis.

Some very interesting classes are coming up for our practitioners,  Breathing and Scoliosis and Scolio-Pilates for Schroth professionals. Find our course calendar here!  Join us and join the Scolio-Pilates mission of bringing scoliosis-specific exercise to all communities! Find the challenge you’ve been seeking!

Ready to get started? Awesome! There are so many people that need your help. You can:

How to help my client with scoliosis?