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12mar(mar 12)12:00 pm14(mar 14)12:00 pmEnhancement Module: Scoliosis and DancersOnline course taught in 3 sessions: March 12-14, 2020

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This Scolio-Pilates Enhancement Module is a great introductory course for understanding scoliosis in dancers. As an introductory course, Modules 1 and 2 are not required; it is intended as a pre-Module 1 and 2 course. This course is not required for your path to becoming a Scolio-Pilates Practitioner. More information about becoming a practitioner is here.

Receive 12 National Pilates Certification Program (formerly PMA) credits for this course.

Instructor: Suzanne Koucheravy, Master Scolio-Pilates Instructor

Dates: March 12-14, 2021
Times: Friday, March 12th; 2pm-6pm ET | Saturday/Sunday 12pm-4pm ET (New York, USA)
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Welcome to Scoliosis and Dancers 

Course Agenda

Hour 1- 2 : Introduction – Dancers with Scoliosis; What we see in the studio – 5 point observation

Hour 3-4: Defining Scoliosis

Hour 5 : How Scoliosis effects classical technique – what we see in the mirror; How asymmetry effects basic dance movements

Hour 6: End range/hyper mobility/ scoliosis transition zones – a cautionary tale

Hour 7: Corrective Alignment – does elongate = pull up?

Hour 8:  A study in Arabesque – a discussion of  two sides

Hour 9 – 10 : Teaching  the dancer with scoliosis – three dimensional considerations

Hour 11: Basic Warm up/Restorative exercises for the studio

Hour 12: Considerations when Teaching  an Interesting Spine

“If only I had found Suzanne and Scolio-Pilates sooner! I danced with a chronic ankle injury for 2+ years, and no amount of physical therapy could fix the nagging pain. It was only after working with Suzanne that my ankle pain resolved permanently. My eyes have been opened to the advantage of understanding the idiosyncrasies of the body as an athlete. Now, I can’t go more than 2 weeks without checking in with Suzanne and working on my alignment!” – SS, professional dancer helped by Suzanne’s techniques that you will learn in this enhancement module.


12 (Friday) 12:00 pm - 14 (Sunday) 12:00 pm ET


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