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Scoliosis & Breathing Enhancement Webinar

Pre-recorded Webinar from January 2024

Scolio-Pilates® for spinal fusion before and after scoliosis surgery


Scoliosis affects breathing, and breathing affects scoliosis. This can be for the better and, unfortunately, also for the worse. With scoliosis, the diaphragm fills into the misaligned spaces of the thorax and further encourages misalignment—a vicious cycle. If we can learn to realign the spine, the diaphragm will have more room to move, strengthen, and stabilize. We begin by making meaningful changes for scoliosis from the inside out. Learn more in our pre-recorded webinar.



Karena Thek, Founder of Scolio-Pilates

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Scoliosis & Breathing Enhancement Webinar
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