Clients: Getting Started with Scolio-Pilates® - OsteoPilates

Clients: Getting Started with Scolio-Pilates®

Getting Started with Scolio-Pilates®: PDF

  1. Free YouTube Videos: Good!
  2. Skype with Karena: Better!
  3. Scolio-Pilates Intensive, In-Person: Highly Recommended!
Before and After a two-week Scolio-Pilates Intensive with Karena Thek

Before and After a 2-Week Scolio-Pilates® Intensive. After only 2 weeks, this young lady is still working very hard in the picture on the right to hold these corrections. The more time she has to practice the exercises that hold these corrections, the easier it will be. It’s not an overnight fix. But it’s worth the effort.

Getting Started with Scolio-Pilates®: PDF


After, a one-week Scolio-Pilates Intensive, this gentleman makes great strides in pain relief. Please see his testimonial below.


Getting Started with Scolio-Pilates® 

YouTube: Good!

Many of you have found us because of YouTube and have already been doing the exercises. That’s great! If you have not seen these free exercises and information videos yet, it might be a great place to start; especially with our Frequently Asked Questions video.



Skype Sessions: Better!

 You may find that getting to Karena’s studio or the studio of one of her practitioners worldwide is just too difficult. In that case, we can schedule a Skype session. For a Skype session you will need to send Karena your X-rays via email as well as fill out the same questionnaire that our in-person clients fill out. With this information, we can move forward with a productive Skype session. Please note, that while an in-person meeting can be effective without an X-ray, a Skype session is much less effective without an X-ray. Please consider this before scheduling your Skype session.


Another great use for Skype is to continue working with Karena weekly, or whatever your schedule allows, after completing a Scolio-Pilates® Intensive. Read more about the Scolio-Pilates® Intensive next!

Session: $95/hour

How to schedule: Email Karena at

Invoice: You will be asked to pay for your one hour Skype session before it begins. The invoice will emailed to you. Thank-you!



This young dancer enjoys the beach between Scolio-Pilates Intensive sessions with Karena. After your Scolio-Pilates Intensive you will continue at home with a home exercise program. Once at home, online sessions are a frequently used option. See testimonials below.


Scolio-Pilates® Intensive: Highly Recommended.

This is what we like most and what we recommend if it is possible. I know that California is not always easy to get to, but if you can make it, we find that working in-person is the most effective. We’d like to meet you one-on-one and Karena likes to be able to spend an extended amount of time with you to perfect your home program. These in-person programs are generally 4-10 days in length. You will meet with Karena up to 3 hours a day. A typical session is two hours in the morning with a 2-hour break for lunch and then a 1-hour session after lunch. Do what works best for you. What we have described here is what works best for most of our clients, but you know what’s best for you, so we will work with what you’d like to do. It’s most important that you spend enough time with Karena that, together, you can create a strong Scolio-Pilates® exercise program for you to continue at home; as long as we can accomplish that, any schedule works.

During your intensive you can expect the following to be accomplished:

  • Assessment of your scoliosis curve
  • A system for wedging your curve towards neutral
  • A system for strengthening the spine once placed towards neutral
  • A system of elongation for your scoliosis
  • A system of breathing to assist movement towards neutral
  • A system of fascial involvement to assist the more neutral position

Karena’s Home Studio: $95/Hour
Outside of Karena’s Home Studio: $95/Hour + studio rental fee (generally $30/hour)

How to Schedule: Email Karena at

Invoice: You will be asked to pay for two hours of your session before you arrive. The invoice will be emailed to you.

Still photography and video of your exercises are allowed and we encourage it. Thank-you! If you’d like us to video your home program and prepare it for you, please let us know and we can make arrangements for that as well.



MORE OPTIONS: OsteoPilates, Neuro-Pilates and Golf! 


Karena is the author of 3 books and working on the 4th. Karena also specializes in creating exercise programs for osteoporosis, neurological disorders and golf (because everybody needs a diversion!). Her books and expertise are as follows:

  1. OsteoPilates (exercise for osteoporosis),
  2. Scolio-Pilates® (exercise for scoliosis),
  3. The Pilates Golf Athlete (exercise for golf) and
  4. Still being written: Neuro-Pilates® (exercise for neurological disorders) .


Scolio-Pilates with Karena Thek

Traveling from afar to work with Karena? When you join Karena at her “tiny but mighty” home studio in Hollywood Beach, California, you can stay at Embassy Suites, Oxnard, which is only 1/2 mile away. And it’s even more beautiful than the picture.



Special Note: While Neuro-Pilates® is being written, Karena is looking for volunteers to participate in case studies. Each participant will receive 10 free private sessions with Karena.

Scolio-Pilates with Karena Thek

Corrective Wedges can make breathing easier. Jennifer comes in from Ecuador a few times a year to visit family and spends time each time with Karena.  She is a featured model in Scoliosis Quarterly Winter 2015.



I was diagnosed with Scoliosis in February 2009.  It is a progressive disease and has continued to get worse.  I now have to use a cane or walker when I walk or stand.  I tried physical therapy and acupuncture hoping to stop the pain and progression.  Neither of them helped.  My acupuncturist suggested I take Pilates lessons to strengthen my core.  I did and that seemed to help.  My Pilates instructor [in Illinois] told me about Karena.  I looked her up on the Internet and was quite impressed.  I am in very good health otherwise but this scoliosis is ruining my life so I decided to visit Karena to learn how to apply her experience to my Pilates program.  I live in Illinois so I flew out to California to get ScolioPilates lessons from Karena.  I spent the first three day having one hour lessons and then, the lessons were showing so much progress, I increased them to two hour lessons the last two days. Being an engineer, I think that we really know nothing about a subject unless we can measure it.  So before I left for the trip to see Karena my daughter carefully marked my height on a piece of paper taped to the wall and also I measured the time it took for me to feel a pain level of 8 while standing unsupported. It took 30 seconds.When I returned from the trip, I measured two inches taller and was able to stand for 1 minute and 49 seconds before I reached a pain level of 8.

I am now back home and will practice what I learned from Karena in my home exercises and studio lessons.  I expect to see even more improvements in the future. –Gene S, Illinois


Karena, I’m so impressed with our one hour weekly skype sessions. It gives my daughter time to review and even learn new exercises. It’s been a huge success and my daughter loves seeing you via SKYPE and working with you weekly. Thank you for giving us the tools for a successful home program. –Rebecca D, Kansas