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Scolio-Wedges for Scoliosis Exercise

“With the wedges in place, it was the first time my spine has been comfortable in a very long time.” — D Hoffseller, West Palm Beach, FL

Scolio-Wedges are used with Scolio-Pilates methods to correct the spine towards neutral. Once the spine is wedged towards a more neutral position, we add strengthening techniques to keep it there.

Scolio-Wedges help to place the spine in a more neutral position with Scolio-Pilates and Karena Thek

Scolio-Wedges help to place the spine in a more neutral position.

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SPEAK! What clients and instructors have to say:

“Those moves you did on me were totally cool! Thank you and I cannot tell you how validating your message was for me. What you are doing is a wonderful thing.”–C. Huff, Williamsburg, VA

“I have already got 4 of my students excited about doing the correctional work – as I worked with them this week with my own wedges. All 4 of them couldn’t believe how different and great they felt after doing just the breath work alone. They are so excited about having their own wedges and practicing at home on their own.”–Kathy B, Santa Barbara, CA

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Core Exercises for Scoliosis with Karena Thek

Core Exercises for Scoliosis

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Why do we use Scolio-Wedges for scoliosis exercise?

With a scoliotic spine, the muscles that are too short and tight cannot fire because they are already contracted as much as they can possibly be (imagine a clenched fist).

The converse is also true, the muscles that are extended and too long are unable to fire adequately because they are too stretched (imagine trying to grasp a ball with your fingers stretched back).

The Scolio-Wedges and ‘Angles put the muscles where they need to be so that you can strengthen the muscles that will aid in correcting the curves of the spine. A complete description of how to use the ScolioWedges and ‘Angles can be found in Scolio-Pilates®.


Scolio-Wedges for scoliosis exercise

Scolio-Wedges in Vinyl


SPEAK!  What The Pro’s Are Saying.

Kerrie Ann Frey, Owner, Modern Pilates Studio and Modern Pilates Training:

“Karena Thek’s wedges are inspired! My clients are able to find the best foundation from which to work during their Pilates sessions. The differently shaped  foam pads fit precisely under any person, regardless of size or height. One of my clients considers the triangular shaped foam pad ‘her friend’ as it has allowed her hips to feel level for the first time in years. Karena’s focus and dedication to creating the best products for this population is wonderful. It’s with caring, detailed attention that she has found a way to help others take their Pilates sessions to a whole new, pain-free level!”

Angella Hamilton, Pilates Instructor/Personal Trainer, producer of the DVD, A Moving Meditation for Life After Cancer:

“After working with Karena’s Scolio-Pilates book and wedges, that my young client shared with me, it was the first time she could lie down in a comfortable position since her [scoliosis] diagnosis over 5 years ago. Karena’s work has been a real game changer for not only my Scoliosis clients, but for myself as a teaching professional. Karena understands Scoliosis and presents the information easily for everyone to use in Scolio-Pilates®.”

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