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Feedback from your colleagues about the Scolio-Pilates webinars:

“Hi Karena I hope this finds you very well. I’m just writing to thank you for your wonderful teleseminar on Friday, living in N.Ireland and in a fairly rural area, attending workshops can prove costly both in time and money so I was totally delighted that you decided to share this superb workshop via the web.

It was just lovely to sit back on my sofa, not weary from traveling or worrying about making my flight back and best of all being able to enjoy the information without frantically trying to take notes knowing that I can access this information whenever I need to review it!

I shall pass on the details of your next webinar to my instructor friends as I know they will be as appreciative as I am to have the opportunity to learn from such an accomplished and experienced teacher.

Thank you so much again and you can count me in for sure for the rest of the programme – that said hopefully one day I will make it over to the US and attend some of your workshops. I’m so looking forward to getting into my studio tomorrow and sharing this new information and exercises with my clients.
Well done Karena”– Pamela F, Northern Ireland

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Scolio-Pilates Webinars I-IV

Scolio-Pilates Book by Karena Thek

Scolio-Pilates Book by Karena Thek

ScolioPilates Webinar Part I: Elongation

This webinar was recorded on October 19, 2012.. Once you register for the webinar I will send you a link the recording and you can watch it as often as you’d like. This first webinar on Elongation focuses on axial elongation exercises that are beneficial to anyone with scoliosis regardless of the type of curve. It’s a nice jump-start into exercising in the scoliosis world without having to dive too far into the technical aspects of scoliosis. Because that’s what’s next!

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ScolioPilates Webinar Part II: Anatomy of Scoliosis

This webinar was recorded on November 30, 2012. Once you register for the webinar I will send you a link to the recording and you can watch it as often as you’d like. And send me your questions!! This second webinar reviews the anatomy of scoliosis and specifically teaches you to recognize a three, four and a C-Curve scoliosis. Exercises will be given as well but primarily the focus is on understanding what is happening in the muscles and bones of a scoliotic spine.

ScolioPilates Webinar Part III: Use ScolioWedges to Correct in 3 Dimensions

This webinar was recorded on January 12, 2013. The ScolioWedges help to move the spine in all three planes towards a more neutral spine. A more neutral position allows the muscles supporting the spine to strengthen in a position that will support a straighter spine as opposed to supporting the alignment of the scoliosis.

Scolio-Pilates Webinar IV: Jump-Start Your Clients with Easy to Teach Exercises with Minimal Wedging

Scolio-Pilates is a four-pronged program that includes:

  • Elongation
  • Breathing techniques
  • Correction in three dimensions towards neutral, and
  • Strengthening.

This workshop by Karena Thek provides an overview of exercises for managing scoliosis in the Pilates setting. Exercises shown require little to no wedging to correct towards neutral and therefore can be used immediately by Pilates instructors and their clients to improve alignment and strengthening. Viewing the previous first 3 webinars is not needed to benefit from Scolio-Pilates Webinar IV.

**Earn 2 Pilates Method Alliance Continuing Education Credits.
**These credits apply to Scolio-Pilates Webinar IV only.

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