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OsteoPilates Workshops with Karena Thek

OsteoPilates Workshops

OsteoPilates™ was written by Karena in 2003 to address the concerns of those with low bone density.  Exercise safely with OsteoPilates™ and learn how you can “Reduce Fracture Risk, Increase Bone Density, and Look and Feel Great!”

The Book

OsteoPilates, The Book, by Karena Thek

OsteoPilates, The Book, by Karena Thek

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The DVD is a result of the public television special Karena hosted from 2009-2011. The DVD contains the special and also includes a 25-minute program that is safe for those with low bone density.

Pilates For Osteoporosis DVD with Karena Thek

Pilates For Healthy Bodies DVD

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