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The Core Cube for Balance

Balance, Stability, Precision and Control on a Compressible Foam Cube.

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Karena created The Core Cube for those who needed a little extra help with balance. When lying on The Core Cube the micro-muscles responsible for balance are activated. When you move an arm or a leg off the floor, then even more micro-muscles are activated. And… it’s SOFT and COMFY!

The Core Cube in Original Fleece

Introducing The Core Cube
in Black Vinyl

The Core Cube in Fleece with Karena Thek The Core Cube in Vinyl with Karena Thek

The Core Cube Reviewed!

“The Core Cube is proving useful and well appreciated by clients especially those with more fascial restrictions as it helps the body to ease into it although it does not provide long lasting fascia release as only the human hands can provide the energy field necessary for that. It helps and challenges every client and fun to use on the reformer as an extra stability challenge. Very popular with children too. You know after teaching Pilates for nearly 30 years it is another tool to add freshness and softness that is necessary. It makes you connect with your inner core better in a less aggressive way simply by the nature of the foam. not too soft but yet not too hard as not to push you back.” –Veronique C, United Kingdom

“We love the Core Cube @Woodlands Pilates-both clients and instructors are talking about them constantly! Hint: if you can’t do the Roll-up lay on the Core Cube lengthwise and it’s like magic! Beautiful roll up!”–Cindy W, Houston, TX

“I LOVE mine!”–Gwen M, Windsor, CA

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