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K2 Therapeutic Wedge for Back Pain

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K2 Therapeutic Wedge and Scoliosis: K2 Wedge PDF Brochure 
We are loving K2 for lengthening and strengthening the spines of those with scoliosis. SHOP: K2 for Back Pain and Scoliosis

  • Pelvic Plateau: Position and level the pelvis in neutral to allow the rest of the spine to re-align from a more neural base.
  • Spinal Slope: Your spine slides down the Spinal Slope as gravity draws the curves into a straighter, more neutral position as the spine stretches downwards.
  • Leg Drop Ledge: As the weight your legs drops off of the back ledge, your spine is given even more as it can hinge away from the hips and elongate with gravity.
  • Scolio-Wedges: From this more neutral position, Scolio-Wedges can be applied to further move the spine towards neutral
  • Scolio-Pilates exercises: Don’t just relax, Strengthen!  Strengthen the spine so that the improved alignment can be held. To begin, this strengthening can be as easy as breathing. Since breathing creates change from the inside out, it is the perfect way to begin.
  • LOVE. Did I mention? We are loving K2! It frees up my hands as the instructor and relieves tension for the client with an easy elongation down the Spinal Slope. Love, love, love….


Your K2 Therapeutic Wedge for Back Pain:
Stretch, Move, Strengthen
K2 Wedge PDF Brochure 

  • Stretch with K2
    Stretch with K2. K2 stretches the spine with gravity and relieves pressure on the spine and hip joints.
  • Move with K2
    Move with K2. Now that you’ve stretched your spine, your spine joints have more freedom to move. Use small motions to get things moving again!
  • Strengthen with K2
    Strengthen with K2. Use the exercises in our free online videos to strengthen the spine, hips, legs and abdomen to give you strength and vigor!
  • SHOP: K2 for Back Pain and Scoliosis
K2 for Back Pain

Need an extra pair of hands? Use K2 in your Pilates or Therapy practice to assist your client into elongation so that your hands are free for cueing.

For Instructors and Therapists
Use the K2 Therapeutic Wedge for Back Pain Clients

  • Elongate with K2
    As your client elongates with gravity, you are free to instruct or manipulate the spine, shoulder and hip joints to a healthier alignment.
  • Range of Motion with K2
    Tight muscles are already as contracted as they can be, and stretched muscles have a long road to travel to even find a contraction. Once elongated in prone, muscles return to a neutral contraction to experience healthy contraction in improved alignment. Guide small movements. That’s where change begins!
  • Strengthen with K2
    Save time for strength! Muscles that were inaccessible due to poor alignment can now be activated! The stronger they become, the more alignment improves!
  • SHOP: K2 for Back Pain and Scoliosis

Your K2 Wedge for Back Pain:
K2 for Back Pain and Scoliosis

K2 Wedge for Back Pain

K2 Therapeutic Wedge for Back Pain