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Full Length Videos For Scoliosis

Happy Scolio-Day!

Today at Scolio-Pilates, we introduce full length videos for scoliosis. In addition to all the great exercise and instruction snippets you’ve enjoyed on YouTube, we now have complete 30-minute classes for you.

3 Full Length Videos for Scoliosis: Buy Here

3-Curve Scolio-Pilates Class: 30 Minutes

4-Curve Scolio-Pilates Class: 30 Minutes Buy Here


C-Curve Scolio-Pilates Class: 30 Minutes Buy Here

 We have placed the first 10-minutes of each class for you here.

Unsure about what Curve Type  is yours?

Don’t know what type of Scolio-Curve you have? Don’t know if you are a 3, 4 or a C-Curve? Check out these free videos for more information about discovering your curve type. These videos describe the different types of curves and will help you discover which video is best for you. Little hint: If you know you are an S-Curve, then click on the 3 and 4 Curve Explained link.

Would you like more information about how to wedge your Curve Type?

When you have an adorable scoliosis curve, like I do, sometimes it helps to get some tips on how you might wedge your own curve. Those tips are listed in the links below. I always do my Scolio-Pilates program with my wedges but sometimes I also just like to lie on them just to give my spine a break. After being at the computer for a few hours, the Scolio-wedges can offer a nice change of scenery for my spine. Your wedge videos are here:


Full Length Videos for Scoliosis Are Finally Here!



Happy Scolio-Day!


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