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Partner Elongation Stretch for Scoliosis with Karena Thek and Brett Miller

Scoliosis Elongation on the Beach

Anyone who comes to our beautiful Hollywood Beach studio is almost assured some time on the beach. It’s too beautiful to resist. This video shares a great partner stretch for scoliosis elongation. Don’t forget to breathe! That’s your strengthening aspect of this exercise. Exhale ALL the air in order to tighten up ALL the muscles […]

Elongation for Scoliosis with Karena Thek and Brett Miller

Elongation for Scoliosis on the Beach: Part II

I love visits from fellow Pilates instructors! Today a colleague from Sweden and founder of Pilates Intel, Brett Miller, came to visit.  After challenging me with a wonderful workout, Brett was kind enough to go to the beach and hang out with me on the lifeguard stand.  Literally!  He helped me film this video with […]

Study shows this exercise reduce scoliosis curve with Karena Thek

Study Shows This Exercise Can Reduce Scoliosis Curve

There was a study performed recently that showed that this exercise can reduce a scoliosis curve.  The Wall Street Journal did an article about the study, and you can read it HERE.  There has been a bit of controversy around this study, but I still like the exercise. I like how it corrects the spine towards neutral […]

spine elongation can ease scoliosis curve and back pain

Spine Elongation Reduces Scoliosis Curve and Back Pain

When we have back pain, whether it is related to scoliosis or not, sometimes we just need a little extra space between the vertebrae of the spine to release the compression.  A little bit of elongation does just that. And you know what else it does? It aligns the spine towards a more neutral position. […]

Karena Thek demonstrates the Pelvic Precision Wedge

New! Introducing the Pelvic Precision Wedge

I’ve been working on this wedge for a couple of years now.  And now that my clients are wanting to take them home with them, I think we have it right.  I’m pretty excited and pretty nervous about presenting it to you. Please let me know what you think! I received this email about the […]

Pilates Shoulder Exercises for Breast Cancer with Karena Thek

Pilates Stretches for Breast Cancer

We were in Bonaire when this request came in from someone we met on this beautiful Caribbean Island. And so we had to take the opportunity to film a home exercise program for anyone with breast cancer that might be trying to manage stiff, sore shoulders post breast cancer surgery and treatment.