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Karena Thek author of Scolio-Pilates

Karena Thek

Karena Thek

  • President/founder of Pilates Teck, Inc
  • Author of  OsteoPilates (New Page Books, 2003)
  • Author of Scolio-Pilates (Pilates Teck Publications, 2011)
  • Author of The Pilates Golf Athlete (Pilates Teck Publications, 2014)

Founder and president of Pilates Teck, Karena Thek continues on her journey to improve lives by creating exercise programs for those who are pro-active in caring for their condition.  After retiring from a professional dance career, Karena began teaching Pilates at her own studio, Pilates Teck.  Six months after opening the studio, Karena became the Director of Pilates at SCV Therapy Services and expanded her study of common spine pathologies in the rehabilitation setting.  She wrote her first book, OsteoPilates, in 2003, as a result of working directly with a high percentage of women with osteoporosis and without a reliable resource to steer them towards for safe exercise for osteoporosis.  Scolio-Pilates came out of a desire to help a specific client with scoliosis as well as trying to heal the pain from her own scoliosis. The Pilates Golf Athlete, was developed with the realization, that like most sports, many of its participants do not have the physical tools or capability to perform the movement that they are trying to perform. Once the physical capacity is put in place, the game flourishes!

In 2008, as a result of her work with fitness and rehabilitation clients, Karena was asked to host the talk show ‘Alive & Well’ on AM 1220 KHTS. This weekly radio show allows Karena to teach to a larger audience while interviewing the most outstanding voices in the field of health.

In 2009, the public television special, ‘Pilates for Healthy Bodies with Karena Thek Lineback was produced and aired for two years.

In 2013, Karena began working the Wounded Warrior Battalion at the C5 (Comprehensive Combat and Complex Casualty Care) Unit at the San Diego Naval Medical Center. She continues to volunteer her time there with soldiers with complex injuries.  It is here that Karena is beginning part of her study for her next book, Neuro-Pilates®.

Karena’s next big project is Neuro-Pilates®.  She is accepting clients with neurological disorders to be part of her study of neurological disorders in the Pilates setting. Anyone with Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy, Parkinson’s, Stroke and other neurological disorders is eligible for 10 free free privates sessions with Karena. Please consider volunteering your time! It’s a win-win situation. As Karena learns, you will also learn to care for your own neurological changes.